Mini PCIe to RS-232/422/485 dual Port Expansion module

◎ PCI-Express x1 Lane Bus Interface
◎ Switchable 2 port RS-232/422/485
◎ Supports full duplex (4 wire), half duplex (2 wire)
   with auto TxD echo cancellation modes in RS-422/485
◎ Support auto flow control
◎ Slow Slew Rate capability (on certain models)
◎ Industrial design, manufactured in Taiwan


The. MS-352 is rugged Mini PCIe modules that are ideal for adding extra serial port capabilities to any system with minimal increase in overall system size and power consumption.MS-352 offering switchable RS-232/422/485, optional isolation and full modem control signals. The wide operating temperature and latching connector and cabling solution allow these modules to be used in harsh environments. Compatibility with a large variety of popular operating systems allows these boards to be easily integrated into a wide array of new and existing systems.


Module Type


mPCIe to Dual port RS232/422/485 Module

Form Factor


Mini PCIe full size

Input interface


PCI Express 2.0

Output Interface


RS232/422/485 by jumper setting

Output Connector


One 2*10 pin box header

Power input


On board 3.3V



51 x 30(mm)

Transfer speed


Data read/write 32-bit operation , up to 25 Mbps serial data rate

Compatible Operating System



Windows 7、Windows 8.1、Windows 10

Windows Server 2003、Windows Server 2008

Working Temperature



Ordering Information:




MiniPCIe to 2 ports RS232/422/485

w/25cm 2 ports DB9 cable

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