The world's largest business database, the US firm's customers (Dun & Bradstreet) 9/18 held in the MANDARIN ORIENTAL TAIPEI "2019 D&B TOP 1000 Elite SME Award"

    This year, the D&B SMEs Awards were 1,037 finalists, of which 75% were old faces, 25% were first-time finalists, and 4% were consecutive for six consecutive years. These 1,037 SMEs are like the cornerstone of Taiwan's economy. The total export growth rate is 27%, which accounts for 17% of Taiwan's total exports. More than 110 small and medium-sized enterprises attended the awards ceremony on the day of the award ceremony. Among them, Jingyang International, Suichang Technology Enterprise and Qumei Enterprises stood out from all the short-listed enterprises and won the MVP Award.

    He Jintao, Director of the Small and Medium Enterprises Department of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, said in his speech that the training of outstanding SMEs in Taiwan, in addition to the government, regulatory departments and enterprises to encourage each other, jointly promote industrial upgrading and digital transformation to let Taiwan catch up with the development of this trend, the Ministry of Economic Affairs has long promoted And create a high-quality SME development environment, while optimizing the SMEs' management and management capabilities and improving the SMEs' ability to apply S&T information. In the future, they will continue to support the D&B SMEs Awards in action and work together to integrate service providers in the export trade. Promote Taiwan's export competitiveness!

    When Sun Weizhen, general manager of D&B Taiwan, delivered a speech, he mentioned that 30% of the companies that have been shortlisted for the D&B Small and Medium Enterprises Elite Award for the second consecutive year have actively invested in digital transformation, including networking, automation, IC design and other services. The industry and supply chain-related logistics industry has the highest ratio of expansion, but the average business life of these companies is significantly lower. This observation also makes us regret: "When the financial turmoil occurred in 1997, Taiwan missed the opportunity of industrial transformation, and South Korea began. The transformation has enabled Samsung to successfully establish itself in the international industry. In 2009, the global financial crisis, Taiwan once again missed the opportunity of industrial transformation. This Sino-US trade war will also be a great opportunity for    enterprise development. Business owners should seize this opportunity to actively transform."

    This year's "D&B Small and Medium Enterprises Elite Award" was held as the conference's promotion goal by the "data-initiated transformation, digital innovation" as the conference promoted the international forum of "Building an Efficient Operation of Enterprises", and invited 2018 to win the National Data Long-term Award. Anthony Scriffignano, Ph.D., gave a speech on the impact of digital technology on business decision-making. Chairman of the Digital Economics and Industrial Development Association, Mr. Zhengran Chen, was also invited to give a speech, combining the strengths of the family to promote the social and corporate digital in Taiwan. Transformational ethos. In order to jointly focus on the development of digital innovation and application of small and medium-sized enterprises in Taiwan, this international forum, SAP is the experience-oriented, creating a growing smart enterprise to share the focus, DBS emphasizes digital financial and cross-border financial services, China's output Banking provides one-stop financial services and how to strengthen the global market. Cathay World Bank explains how it is in the digital wave, how to easily get funding needs through e-finger, how to share long-term marketing and how to achieve accurate digital marketing through big data. Sharing experience and trends, and solving problems with on-site enterprises, we will promote Taiwan's SMEs to have the core values of smart enterprises and successfully meet the global trade market. In order to let SMEs recognize the development of new generation tools and smart platforms, another highlight of this session is the arrangement of artificial intelligence robots Temi and Pepper to interact with the guests, through the communication of artificial intelligence and machine learning. The arrival of the new generation of robots, a perfect scientific interpretation.

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