About ASDA ICT  

Founded in 2007,ASDA is a technology leader in industrial control solution by embedded technology, experienced integration expertise and field alliance. Fully dedicated to industrial control solution, with more than 25% of its employees in R&D as strong technical foundation, ASDA creates many of the experienced SOP to follow the standard that drive and integrate the world’s embedded computing platforms. ASDA ICT’s product longevity, engineering, support, and value-added services help to create a sustainable and viable industrial control solution for ODMs and system integrators.

Because every industry has unique needs, we have experts dedicated to addressing their needs. ASDA ICT understands that every market and application has its own requirements. That’s why we have experts who have experience developing solutions for a variety of markets. ASDA ICT’s industrial control solution has been widely deployed on a variety of demanding applications by multiple users across various industrial markets. Our core products include industrial boards, industrial displays and industrial systems. 

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Key Milestone

ASDA ICT announces full product line of industrial boards, industrial displays and industrial systems
- ASDA ICT enhance management team to offer better service to customers
- ASDA ICT announce Industrial Systems new product line
- ASDA ICT formally receives patent numbers for display adjusting technology etc.
- ASDA announces CEM(Customer Engagement Model) innovative working model to benefit customer’s value
- ASDA ICT announce ADB display boards product line
- ASDA ICT launch visual solution based on own ADB display product technology

- ASDA ICT founded in August 2007
- ASDA ICT launch first industrial display product, and get first design-win on factory automation market segment